Our Philosophy

As tech industry professionals and as parents, we know how important technology is to society and to our children's future.  Technology has brought much creative disruption to our lives.  On the one hand, we enjoy amazing, pervasive technologies that keep us in touch with our work and our loved ones.  On the other hand, fast changing technologies have brought about shorter product and business life-cycles which inevitably means a job for life is no longer a reality.

We are passionate about making technology work for us rather than the other way around.  As parents, we want to help our children to develop the confidence not only to understand technology but to be able to orchestrate it.  That means not only having a sound understanding of computer science, but also developing the skills to be innovative with technology: skills in planning, design, business, teamwork, entrepreneurship, collaboration and fun.

We founded MissionTech with this idea in mind, to help our children master technology to create a future in which they wish to live.

We welcome your feedback and suggestions.  Please use our Contact Us page to tell us what we’re doing right and/or what we can improve on.