Course Discounts

Currently, we are offering an early booking discount of 25% on all of our summer courses.  This offer expires on the 15th July.  We also offer the following discounts on all of our courses and they may be used in conjunction with each other and with the early booking discount:


Sibling Discount

For multiple bookings, a sibling discount of 10% is available. Please contact us with some details and we will supply a coupon code to be submitted when booking.


Rebooking Discount

On order completion, you will be issued with a one-time coupon code entitling you to a 10% reduction on your next booking.


Referral Discount

Provided you register with us before booking (see main menu), you will receive a URL (web-link) on completing your order.  This will be available when you next log-in.  Forward this link to friends who may also be interested in one of our courses and, provided they access the web-site via this link, they will receive a 10% discount on their booking.  On completion, you will also receive 10% off your next booking using a dedicated coupon that will be emailed to you.  You may refer as many friends as you like, but your coupons will only be valid for one year from the date of issue.