Matt King

Matt grew up during the first wave of home computers, back in the early 80s.  Already an electronics enthusiast, the arrival of his first computer (a “BBC Micro Model B”!) in 1983 was the start of a life-long love affair with technology!  He quickly taught himself to program and then spent an unhealthy amount of time churning out his own versions of popular arcade games of the day (“Pacman”, “Space Invaders” et al) and the odd original!

After graduating from Sussex University in 1988 with a BSC in Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Matt embarked on a career in telecoms and networking.  His first position (9 years) was with GPT (GEC/Plessey) Video Systems, a manufacturer of video-conferencing equipment.  He worked first as a hardware developer before focusing on the software side.

He then spent four years with a Boston based company, Videoserver (later eZenia), developing video-conferencing hubs and servers before joining Cisco Systems, the Internet giant, in 2000.  At Cisco, Matt spent 15 years as a software architect, specializing in identity, security and network access.

Since leaving Cisco, Matt has been pursuing a new career in education.  Having coached several teams of 9-11 year olds to regional success in the First Lego League robotics competition over the last three years (with MissionTech co-founder, James Farrar), it seemed like a natural progression.  He has also been teaching for BizSchool over the last year, a recent start-up that aims to nurture entrepreneurial talent from an early age (10 upwards) by demystifying the intimidating world of business with a very practical emphasis.

Matt lives in Hampshire with his wife, Ruth and two children, Anna (11) and Ethan (9).