MissionTech health and safety policy


At MissionTech we aim to create a safe and secure environment for young adults to explore the world of technology. Although we operate in a low risk environment we want to ensure all risks are identified and controlled as fully as possible.


We will:


  1. Perform a risk assessment and provide a copy to all attendees as well as their parent/guardian before each course. The risk assessment will be site specific so will change depending on location and course.
  2. Ensure each course is staffed by at least two instructors and the student/attendee ratio does not exceed 8:1.
  3. Manage a strict sign in /out procedure as we take children into our care each day and release them back to parents at the end of the day. We will also take a roll call after each break before a new session starts. We will use the buddy system with two children going to the bathroom together.
  4. Ensure all staff have undertaken FirstAid for schools course and taken a refresher course at least annually.
  5. Carry out an emergency and first aid briefing at the start of each course so all students are briefed on emergency exits and external assembly points.
  6. Maintain full public and employer’s liability insurance.


We expect students (and their guardian to ensure):

  1. Obey all safety instructions from staff
  2. Inform staff at time of booking of any known personal health & safety threats eg. allergies.
  3. Do not stand on chairs or desks at any time
  4. Do not bring food or drink near electronics equipment
  5. Only use electrical equipment attached to mains outlets under supervision of adults
  6. Only access the internet for course related material and software only and under supervision of MissionTech instructors

February 2016