After School Robotics Class

Autumn Term
Reddam House


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Ages:             Years 4 - 6

Venue:          Reddam House, Sindlesham

Dates:           14th September to 7th December (excl. half-term)

Timings:       Thursday evenings, 4:00 - 5:00pm


Use the latest EV3 Mindstorms robotics platform to complete a number of exciting programming challenges, including obstacle courses, line following, pattern drawing, 3D mazes, automatic parking, autonomous football and many more!  All resources will be provided, including laptop computers.

No prior knowledge is assumed; the children will simply choose from a list of projects, graded for difficulty, and work at their own rate under the expert guidance of experienced software professionals who will tutor them accordingly (with a maximum teaching ratio of 8:1).

While hugely rewarding and enjoyable, the course is designed to reinforce and build on the new computing curriculum, equipping participants with a solid grasp of the fundamental building blocks of any programming language.  More importantly, however, it will teach them the discipline of computational thinking; how to analyse and break down a problem into manageable chunks that can be implemented and tested separately; how to frame a solution in plain English, then boil it down to an algorithm using pseudo-code, which can be easily converted into any programming language.  Throughout, the children will be honing their problem solving skills as they debug mechanical, hardware and software problems to get their routines working.



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Autumn Term
Reddam House

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